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Thanksgiving's Winner

Thanksgiving's Winner!

Decorate Wicklessly

show off your holiday décor ideas.

You start early every year. First come the pumpkins and fake spider webs. Next it’s garlands of faux fall leaves and singing turkeys. When it comes time to trim the tree, you’ve accumulated one for every room in your house. You’re a decorating guru, an embellishment expert. We want to see what you’ve got.

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  1. Submit your wickless photo.
  2. Spy on the sly—check out other wickless décor.
  3. Share great ideas.
Laurie Turk

Laurie Turk

Laurie Turk is a creative soul who has a passion for embellishing life. This all around girly-girl and mom to three boys lives in Dallas, Texas and acts as a cruise director for her family. Laurie’s focus is to create moments that matter for herself, her man, and her children.

Laurie loves to promote creative women through their fabulous ideas, décor, and products with her blog Tip Junkie.

Courtney Dial

Courtney Dial

Meet our Thanksgiving judge and the editor of Pizzazzerie , Courtney Dial. With a love for entertaining and design, Courtney is becoming a well-known expert in the field of party design and décor.

Pizzazzerie is an attractive combination of energy and style, designed to spark your imagination and help you create memorable parties! Courtney’s love of entertaining comes from the pure joy of hosting parties with unforgettable design and décor!

Melissa Michaels

Melissa Michaels

Meet our December Holiday judge and author of The Inspired Room, Melissa Michaels. Melissa is the creator of The Inspired Room, which provides readers with inspiration for creating simple, authentic and beautiful homes.

A pastor’s wife and mother of three, Melissa created The Inspired Room to help women create an authentic home they LOVE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to be a Scentsy Consultant to submit a photo?

A. No, everyone is welcome to participate in the “Decorate Wicklessly” contest.

Q. What are the submission categories?

A. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and December Holidays (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, etc.). One winner will be chosen for each category.

Q. When can I submit my photos?

A. You must submit your photos—specific to the categories listed below—within these timeframes to be eligible to win:

Halloween: October 4 – October 22
Thanksgiving: October 23 – November 18
December Holidays: November 19 – December 15

The submission deadlines are required to give our judges adequate time to choose a winner before the designated holiday.

Q. How many photos can I submit?

A. There is no limit to how many photos you can submit.

Q. Does the photo I submit have to be taken by me?

A. To be eligible to win, you must submit an original photo taken by you.

Q. Do I have to use Scentsy products in my photo?

A. Yes. You must illustrate the use of a Scentsy wickless candle warmer in your holiday décor. And no competitive products—including wicked candles!—allowed.

Q. How are the winning photos chosen?

A. There will be one winner chosen for each category by a home décor expert. Each winning photo will be featured on the expert’s blog.

Q. Can my family be in the photo?

A. As long as you avoid the use of obscene, crude, or inappropriate content, and you don’t include any competitor products, you may feature whatever and whomever you choose! Please remember that any and all photos submitted become the property of Scentsy and may be used in marketing or promotional efforts and to announce the winners.

Q. Do I have to have a Flickr account to submit a photo?

A. Yes. You must use your existing Flickr account, or create a new one, to submit your photo for consideration.

Q. How will I know if my photo wins?

A. We’ll send a notification through your Flickr account within one week of the submission deadline. An alert will also be posted on the Safe Candles Blog website to inform you that the winners have been notified. You must respond to the Flickr notification within ten days of receiving it to win.

Terms and Conditions

By entering this contest, you agree to the rules, terms, and conditions, which are set forth below. The “Decorate Wicklessly: Show off Your Holiday Décor” contest will begin on October 4, 2010 for Halloween submissions only. Submissions for Halloween will be accepted through October 22, 2010. Photo submission for Thanksgiving begins October 23, 2010. Thanksgiving photos will be accepted until November 18, 2010. December holiday photo submissions begin November 19, 2010 and will be accepted until December 18, 2010. To enter a photo go here, where you will be prompted to log in to (or create) your Flickr account to begin uploading your photos.

Participants are not limited to the number of photos they can submit and are eligible to submit photos for all three categories—Halloween, Thanksgiving, and December Holidays. The winning photos will be judged by a home décor expert on their overall use of space, color, and lighting, the prominence of the Scentsy warmer(s), and how accurately they represent the respective holiday.

You do not have to be a Scentsy Consultant to participate in the “Decorate Wicklessly” contest. Everyone is welcome to submit their original photos.

Each photo must feature a Scentsy warmer (being used appropriately) to be eligible to win. The winning photo cannot include any offensive, crude, or otherwise inappropriate content. The winning photo cannot feature any competitor products, including traditional candles or other warmers.

Participants will automatically be disqualified if they are found offering the judges (home décor experts) any incentive, monetary or otherwise, to make a particular selection. Participants are not eligible to win if the judge is a relative. Photos must fall under one of the posted categories: Halloween, Thanksgiving, or December Holidays. Any Scentsy warmer, including past or discontinued warmers, is acceptable to use.

There will be three winners, one for each category (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and December Holidays). The winning photo will be selected by a home décor expert and will be featured on the expert’s blog. Winners will be notified via a message through their Flickr account within a week of the submission deadline. The winner must respond to Scentsy’s Flickr message within ten days of receiving it or they void right to the $250 product credit.

Scentsy reserves for the judges sole and absolute discretion to choose the winning photos.

Any and all photos must be the sole property of the contestant—original photos taken by the contestant. Any and all photos submitted become the property of Scentsy, including names and descriptions. If you submit any creative suggestions, ideas, notes, drawings, concepts, designs, original artwork, or other information, you assign to Scentsy all of your rights in and to them without compensation or payment of any kind. For more information, view Section 6.2.3 of Scentsy's Policies and Procedures.

Scentsy reserves the right to disqualify any submission or participant for failure to abide by these terms and conditions. As part of this contest, you are required to create or use your existing Flickr account to upload your images. Scentsy will treat this information in accordance with its Privacy Policy. If your submission is selected as a winner, you hereby grant Scentsy the right to identify you as the winner on its website, in advertisements, or in any other form which Scentsy deems fit.